Trading Tools

At Al Dhafra we offer you two major tools for trading. Matrix - being an installable windows application, you can trade from your own pc/ laptop at a unbeatable fast speed and Tradesoft's webtrade, which being a totally web based application works without installation thus offering a great deal of flexibility to online trading.

Matrix Trade

The financial markets in the UAE have evolved with time to become the chosen investment avenue for investment houses world wide. To match the increased volumes and volatilities, Al Dhafra Financial Brokerage L.L.C has incorporated the Matrix trading module to facilitate accurate and flexible trading. All aspects of trading i.e. from the monitoring phase to the execution phase can be controlled using the Matrix. It is a state of the art system that incorporates the latest technology to provide you with a secure trading environment. to provide you with a secure trading environment.



Due to competitive pressures, brokerage firms all over the world today, need to provide its customers with Internet access. Investors demand the ability to trade online, manage their accounts, and access crucial content like stock prices, market news, graphs and research.ot Samples Zag's eBrokerage provides comprehensive processing of securities for brokerages and banks. This application addresses all facets of transaction processing, including order routing, execution and clearance, position keeping, tracking, and full accounting. Fully customizable


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