Al Dhafra Financial Broker L.L.C is committed in giving clients and corporate entities with a plethora of value added services that are essential to transact in the markets. Our “Matrix” e-trade platform was designed to provide turnkey solutions to all aspects of trading. Right from the monitoring phase to the execution phase, the Matrix provides all the tools necessary to complete successful deals. The “Matrix” will also act as your online accountant. All details of past and current transactions are recorded in the system and can be recalled at any time desired.

Key Features:

  • Fastest and reliable online trading system.
  • Extremely fast market price updates.
  • Online gain/loss and account statement reports.
  • SMS order execution notification service.
  • Real-time and historical Meta-stock data plug-in.
  • Bilingual Arabic and English.
  • Market news and alerts.
  • Easy to use.
  • Historical charts.
  • Live portfolio updates.

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